Monday, 12 August 2013


Unfortunately in the middle of mine and jans weeks of fun I had a PA change, with a brand new PA, which is annoying at the best of times, but more so when you really just want to get on with things.

Not because they ain't lovely, but because they are brand new, they don't know anything. The company give them a 5 day training course, but honestly it's shit. I know my way of doing things is different to their training, but these girls come and know nothing. It scares me to think what would happen if  mum wasn't here.

All this ment that I couldn't do a lot with yummers.

One day, as mum wasn't at work until later I was able to get up, so we made


They were pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.
Mum had to mix the dough as our attempt was a tad sticky.
It was a lot of fun, even if jan annoyed me a little by eating half the toppings instead of actually putting them on the pizza. Kids eh? :)

6 pizzas later i was more than ready for bed

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  1. Yum, they look amazing! I definitely want to make pizzas soon x


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