Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Over it??


Is it me or has this summer been long?!

Not in a bad way, it's been lovely! I've seen everyone lots, done lots, and to top it off the wearing has been incredible.

But i am, admittedly looking forward to cold, dark cozy nights,soups and stews, and not feeling like i have to soak in every last second of sunshine.

I can't wait to sit in bed at 6pm and chillax!

I'm already there a little, hence why i'm yet to share my holiday snaps.

I am really excited to share them, because it was a lovely and beautiful trip, but i'm very much in that post holiday 'i really don't want to do anything' mood.

Especially since it's the first week in 5 that i've been on my own. no friends, extra family or yummers, keeping me up and busy. Which is odd, but a little bit lovely to have some me time.

I promise i'll shift through my 600+ holiday snaps at some point this week, but right now i'm going to nap!


  1. Ya know....I can't wait for fall either! Some of our trees are beginning to show color. We've had one crazy summer. This is the first summer of the past 3 that I've felt insects bite and sting. The itching is MUCH worse than I recalled. Burning nerve pain wasn't so bad this year though, so I think it may be worth it!

    So bring on fall and winter, snow, soup, chili and bread.....oh and nice cozy fireplace with a cat on my lap.

  2. Thank you! I, to, love the colder, darker days, I seem to thrive during the Autumn and Winter months and shut down in the summer.

    I love wrapping up in layers and all those things!

    I'm glad someone else out there has sense.

  3. Thank you! I also love the coming months, I seem to thrive on cold and darkness.

    Early bedtimes without realising or feeling guilty about it!



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