Tuesday, 6 August 2013


 I have never been to Liverpool before, i always thought it was further away.
So as the weather was lovely, and i fancied a trip somewhere new, Liverpool it was!

Before setting off my mum bounced through the door, "you going to take pictures on the zebra crossing?" to which i replied "Abby rd? no mum, that's in London" "you sure?" "yes mum, i'm very sure"

She still didn't believe me so she made my cousin google it.

So we took the last pic for her, and i bought her a Abby rd sign, that said Westminster in very big letters.

I was very impressed with  Liverpool, there's so much to do.

I thought i'd be TERRIFIED being that close to edges, constantly, but i was actually okay! It was a lot easier than i expected to get about.

We ate on the docks, cheesy chips, always a winner... We then shopped, and wondered our way to the Tate Liverpool, which was interesting.

Full of culture we went to Liverpool 1 and shopped! Probably my new favourite shopping spot, it is really lovely, 20p for the loo though, rip off hehe.

I must say, great day out....

Just one thing, i get it the Beatles are from Liverpool, maybe chill out just a tad.


  1. When we went to the Tate my Dad sat down on one of the exhibits, not realising that it was actually art! Ooops.

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  2. You got some nice pictures! I don't know mcuh about Liverpool as a city but I'd still like to visit someday.

  3. Urgh tell me about it. Im from Merseyside and it's like ur expected to like the Beatles, I'm not a fan tbh! It's good to see u in this neck of the woods, great photos!



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