Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Highlights with a yummers

Waking him up at 2am screaming because in my dream a green goblin thing fell on my bed, I continued to ask where the creature was, he then saw the cat, scared himself, at which point I just fell back asleep. Loving babysitter

He asking me if I'm going to be "one of those people that's cats are mychildren" he then told me I don't need a boyfriend to have a baby, you can buy stuff or use a surrogate, then he can be uncle jan. what's this kid learning?

Being serenade to with the song walks like rihana, he would point to me when it said walks like rihana, I'm taking this to mean he thinks I'm as pretty as rihana, thanks bugs!

He has become obsessed with Honey Boo Boo, Geordie Shore, The walking dead, Breaking Amish and NY Ink, I know I'm a brilliant inflence

Having a rave sesh to Rudimental in the car

Conversation about sharks at 12:30am

Him running into everything!!!!!

His ammmazng Honey boom boom ( his name for it) impression ' he loves his cousin, but she crrrrrazzzzzyyyy since she got whopped by lightning"

Making hilarious videos singing to songs, that will forever be private

Jan being a pirate

Jan not being able to say any word properly, OCD is now OTC
And his inability to remember anything.

Spending 2 and a half hours trying to chose a cool twitter name for him

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