Monday, 26 August 2013

Getting there

We officially started the journey to our holiday destination on Friday the 9th of August. Me, mum and Steve set off at the respectable time of 11:30am, HOURS of traffic later we got half way to Birmingham. We'd spent the 4 and a bit hours it takes to get to Surrey a hour and a half away from home.

About 7hrs after we set off we arrived, a quick feed, then bed.

Saturday, 3:30am i was awoken, can honestly say i wasn't best pleased! The drive to Portsmouth, don't think i spoke much.

It was about 9 when we finally set sail, now i'm normally fine travelling, but for some reason i was hit with the worse seasickness. I spent about 3hrs in the loo, thinking my anti-sickness pills where in the car. To find they where actually in my handbag, I slept the rest of the way! So did mum.

I've been on a ferry before on my wheels, i'm still terrified to try flying, and yes it's long, which can be annoying, but it's just sooooo easy. You drive on, can pack as much as your car will hold, which is handy, being a girl and on wheels, i pack excessively, then you just wheel on. Easy as that, no chair transfers, man handling or being trapped in a plane seat the whole journey.

About 6hrs on the ferry we hit French shores.

A hour trying to fix the sat nav was followed by a almost 5hr long car ride, thanks to traffic, and pulling of several times to find petrol before auntie clare conked out, why don't France have service stations? It's either a tent set up off the road serving mussels, amazing but unhelpful, or you drive off into a village and hope there's a pump

We eventually got there at half 8 french time.

Only 16 and a half hours later!!

I jumped straight into bed and had 2 pots of tea.

Coming home wasn't as crazy.

We left at 6 or 7am, i can't quite remember, then a hour and 40min drive to the port, but this time a 8 and a half hour crossing.

We were far more prepared

Bags full of food, free wifi and fully changed ipads, and we got seats around a table. Plus this time i felt fine.

It was a long journey... but it's worth it for the ease. Nothing is different to anyone elses journey, so there's no added stress or fear.

It takes all the anxiety out of going on holiday :)

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