Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 1

Finally my first holiday post

Although we did a number of things everyday, it never felt overly busy, and like work. It was so relaxing and chilled and lovely.

The place we stayed at is set up for people with disabilities, the apartments are amazingly accessible, with wet rooms, shower chairs, hoists and profiling beds, which makes life so much easier and the holiday a million times more comfortable. But it's still beautiful and looks like a gorgeous French Gite, in the middle of the beautiful French countryside. Not clinical, and hospital esq. which was always a fear for me when going somewhere that's purpose is accessible holidays.

After having a look around we headed to a bar, where everyone tried there very best to order in French. The little towns and villages around where we were staying are very French, which i love, but that does mean everyone only has school learnt English from 10 yrs ago.

While we drank very experience beer, very cheap wines and ate chips, we where treated to a French folk band singing Irish songs. Jan got up and showed them a Irish jig, which was highly amusing.

Once home me and yummers wondered off, and chatted, played with this pig and chickens, while the adults made us chicken and salad, with some of the most amazing potatoes ever! Probably due to the fact they where smoothed in pig fat.

I was still knackerd after the day befores travels, and the long day, so i jumped into bed and watched a DVD with yum.

Lovely first day!

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