Sunday, 14 July 2013

This week

This week i made sure i was super busy

I bought suitable weather clothing / holiday clothes as i seem to only own jumpers

Saw Vee, became very jealous of her holiday plans

Ate out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with various lovelys

Met my nan and granddad and their new pup at the park

Took all the pets to the vets, the poor dog has a cisist on his paw, that had burst. Then Dexter gave me a heart attack. Gave him his worm meds, a min later he's foaming at the mouth. I started shouting for anyone, luckily mum ran in and shoved him under the tap in my bathroom. He's good now, i've just about recovered.

Lastly i ventured over to blackpool, more of that later.

Now i think i'll nap, possible ear infection and this heat, means sleep ain't been happening


  1. lovely photographs :-) hope your pets are okay, my beagles have been very tired because of the heat. I bet blackpool was heaving x

    1. Thanks :) everyone's happy now! It was crazy busy!! X

  2. Ob no! I hope you feel better. Being sick in the summer is no fun at all.


  3. I'm very jealous of all the onion rings! x


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