Friday, 12 July 2013

The Eagle at Barrow

One of my plans this week was a lunch date with my friend Jess.

Tuesday, it was HOT!! Although there's a lot of gorgeous places to eat within 5 minutes, there outside seating is limited or none existent.

So we headed a little further out to The Eagle at Barrow.... It has a nice big terrace, with loads of seating. When we got there, all the big umbrellas where up, which at first thought was annoying. We had headed out for sunshine, so we pulled the table out a little so that we could bask in the sun.

The whole place has a really nice feel, it's surrounded by green, and it just feels like your sat in a French vineyard, and it is pretty perfect for sitting and people watching, which, lets face it, is one of the best things about going for lunch.

Jess and Steph ordered the burger, which did look amazing, i was a little jealous. I got the Cajun chicken sandwich, which wasn't what i expected, but insanely delicious.

After i'd eaten i was very grateful for the umbrellas, i really needed some shade. It had just got to hot!

A few Pimms and my new favourite 'cocktail' Malibu, lemonade and fresh orange, with lots of ice, we headed home.

I do love this place, it's so easily accessible, the foods lovely, and it's a great place to meet with the girls, boys or family.


  1. This looks so nice! I wish we had somewhere like this near to me! x

  2. oh gawd dayum this looks good! I also love pimms... a lot! x

    Cute blog!

  3. Oh that photo has my mouth watering! Great blog!


  4. Yum! That food looks absolutely delicious- like I could just reach right through the picture and grab it haha! I am always so nosy to see food from other restaurants. Looks like such a peaceful place to eat as well :) xx

    1. Oh i know! i love a food/ restaurant review post xx

  5. what a lovely place. i love the stone wall


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