Friday, 5 July 2013

Movie night

I am really not a chick flick kinda girl, if anything they just annoy me!

You don't meet someone whilst your planning your wedding, know this person 2 days, leave your fiancee and be with, let's face it a stranger.

The right guy won't appear at just the right time and still chase you while you constantly tell/show them you're  not interested, then still care/be available when you decide they are the love of your life.


There are some "chick flicks" that don't make you a little depressed that you don't have a guy that will write you a letter every day until you meet again, or anger you so much that you want to throw popcorn at the screen ... (just me??)

Instead they make you laugh, maybe, just maybe, shead a tear, and in the end your actually happy for the people at the end.

So after a few down days i sat in bed with the essentials

Proper Swiss chocolate from Switzerland and signed into Blinkbox 

I have been a member of lovefilm and Netflix, but i think this site has to be my favourite, for as much as renting from Blockbuster or through Sky Box Office  you can watch all the latest releases online!

It's a very good job i had an idea of what i wanted to watch or i'd have been there for hours trying to figure out what to watch.

I went for my fav feel good, good chick flicks, and a new fav..

Bridesmaids - This ALWAYS puts me in the best mood, it's hilarious for starts, and a great friendship film...

Pitch Perfect - Yeah it's a little difficult to enjoy at first because Beca's just not likeable, but Fat Amys one liners gets you through it, and by the end, we have all had a good time.

The Holiday - LOVE this film! Everyone your supposed to like you love, it's not sickly sweet, and not horribly unrealistic, and let's face it, Kate Winslet can do no wrong.


I give it a year - I was very unsure... But It is really funny and has by far the best ever "sex" scene.

Was by all means a lovely solo eve, and made me feel so much better.

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