Tuesday, 23 July 2013


First day with my munchkin, and i thought we'd do something a bit different, so we went to MOSI, aka the Museum of science and industry.

It was pretty cool, the staff where so helpful!! Getting around in a chair is a tad maze like, but the staff approached me, spoke to me and told us all the secret ways around, that make getting around easier. Top marks!

It was really nice to do something different, didn't find my Spencer Ried though


  1. I love going to MOSI. it always makes me feel like a kid again!

    Lucy x

  2. I've never been before but it looks like a great day out :) I'm glad the staff were helpful - it always makes visits nicer! xx

  3. I love MOSI, it's definitely one of my favourite places in Manchester!! I love the full sized aeroplanes and steam trains, they're so amazing!! If you haven't checked it out already, you might like the Manchester Museum on Oxford Road too :) x


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