Monday, 29 July 2013

Blackpool zoo Part 1

On my Summer bucket list was a trip to the zoo. Normally this would mean Chester zoo, it's my favourite, but a tad difficult in a chair. So we headed to Blackpool. Every single weather app, channel and website said it was going to be cloudy, rain around 4, then lighting storms. But oh my jeeezzzz it was hot! The jacket and scarf where ditched. and the sun cream and sunglasses that were wanted/needed were on my bedside table.

It's such a lovely zoo!!

Getting around is soooo easy! The only difficult thing is the giraffe viewing platform thing. It's not the biggest zoo, but it's got the most important animals, and anteaters, which i'm now properly fascinated with, there so odd.

As the law states, when at the zoo, you have  to take 100's of photos, we took 271 to be exact! So i'm splitting this in two, maybe 3... enjoy!!

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