Saturday, 15 June 2013

University results are in

So i can finally relax, all my essay results are in, and i've done pretty good.
All that stressing eh...

Film History i got a 2:2 and a First 

The 2:2 was for the group presentation, i'm surprised i even got that if i'm honest, it was awful!! But that's my fault for not imputing.

My essay was about Italian Neo-Realism, sounds fun eh... 

Italian neo-realism, like any national cinema is a backlash against the dominant hegemony of the time, in this case Fascism, White Telephone films and Hollywood. It is a style of filmmaking that can be characterised by the context of the film, the use of on location settings and the use of non-professional actors. The movement came after the death of Mussolini, as his death not only allowed for a new freedom for filmmakers, but more importantly it was a mark for change. The films reflect the everyday lives of the poor and working class during a post- World War II Italy, and the difficult economic struggles of the time. But as the changing times in Italy allowed for these films to be made, it also lead to the films being unpopular with the Italian people, they were now at a point where they wanted the world to see them in a position of growth.  It was however popular throughout Europe and America, paying an enormous influence on a number of other film movements such as French New Wave, The British New Wave, British Free Cinema and American Direct Cinema. Influences of Italian Neorealism can still be seen in films today.

Classical Hollywood  i got a 2:2 and a 2:1

I'm annoyed with my 2:2 for my presentation, the 2 comments i got were. Spelling mistakes,i checked a thousand times, there's none. The other comment was that i didn't put all the work on the presentation. I'm a lil annoyed about this because i've always been tought to use prompts to avoid reading from the board.

But i'm really pleased with my 2:1

Film styles come when a number of film techniques, or norms, are used in order to create a particular view, or feel. It can be identified with particular directors, for instance Tim Burton has a film style that has a darker, gothic feel with a particular cartoonist look. It can also be applied to a collective of films, known as a group style; There are many periods of cinema that are associated with a film style, these being French new wave, German expressionism, Soviet montage theory and classical Hollywood cinema[i].
The classical Hollywood period or the golden age of cinema as it is so often referred, is most often put in the time period of 1927 to 1967. According to Bordwell, Staiger & Thompson (1985)[ii] classical Hollywood film uses many different techniques that hide the artificial of film, it follows a number of ‘rules’ that allows the film to possess a feel of ‘invisible storytelling,’ the main purpose of classical Hollywood cinema being that the film should be ‘realistic,’ should enable the audience to be positioned in the film, and tell a story that appeals to all classes and nationalities.

Critical approaches to film i got a First and a 2:1-2% off a First 

I'm happiest about this because i found this the hardest, i spend most lectures going, eh? and spend hours reading up until it makes sense.

The position of the spectator can be defined in several ways; it can be the physical position of the spectator within the cinema, placed by the camera in a fictional position in respect to the action, filling the space of a character or another figurative sense[i].
There are many different theories of spectatorship, suggesting how a spectator positions themselves in a film, how race, gender or cultural background can affect the position of a spectator, and how a spectator is positioned by the films themselves, by narrative discourse or style.
Bordwell and Thompson (2003)[ii] explain how although an audience may not recognize a film style, the information the director has chosen to show, and how it is presented affects the spectators’ experience. It can determine who a spectator identifies with, as well as making sure the intended ideologies are delivered.

So this year i have gotten
4 firsts 5 2:1's & 3 2:2's

whoop whoop

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your results!!! :) it's so nice knowing all the hard work has paid off!

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