Sunday, 30 June 2013

This week

 This week

I won Cookie buttons giveaway, my first win! exciting :)

Went to the lakes for lunch

Got really bored so went to town, a hour later i was £60 down... but a bag, a birthday present and some flowers up!

My new philosophy in life, don't wait for people to buy you flowers, buy your own.

I watched a couple of films this week ....

Sound of my voice... A woman from the future starts a cult?? Interesting, hmm...This just annoyed me! There's no conclusion, fair enough a film that allows you to have a few thoughts, but gives you guidance, but there's just to many questions.

I also watched Paranormal activity 4, during the day, because i'm a massive chicken! It made me jump, which is all i ask of a film like that. I thought i was okay until i heard my wheelchair brakes being clicked on and off at 5am.

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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous - and I agree, why not buy your own! Retail therapy is sometimes much needed :) xx


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