Sunday, 16 June 2013

This week

This week i....

I found i got some amazing marks for uni

Went to the trafford centre with my moma and brother, i love the ground floor! But i spend the majority of the top floor on the verge of a panic attack, repeating 'stay near the wall' over and over.

I bought 14 paint sample pots, 10 shades of yellow... i can't wait to redecorate

My cats/the sun have been waking me up at 4am, not impressed !! So until i do redecorate, bin bags and duck tape have been a sleep saver, i slept in until 9am today....

Mums gone to tenerife (proper not jelous) so i've been fending for myself, i'm very proud that i haven't survived of takeaways, but have been eating healthy meals, with actual veg. But this in my head ment i could eat lots of crap while i watch Big brother

My gang however did force me to a takeaway while we waited for/watched the big brother launch.

Part of my Summer fun time list was to buy flowers every week or two... since the suns gone, i thought i'd buy some yellow ones and brighten up the days.

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