Sunday, 23 June 2013


This weeks, This week post is bought to you by the gorgeousness of the lancashire landscape, not done much this week, so thought i'd take the time to show you why i love where i live

We took the scenic route to our lunch on Monday, the sun was shining, we had the tunes blasting and i just took in the beauty of britain.... Well i say that, country driving ain't very easy when you have the worst balance. I spend most of the journey trying to keep upright, it's like being on a bucking bronco. The views are lovely but it is nice to arive at my destination and relax.

The only other thing i really did wasgot myself 32gb of memory for my camera, i expect this summer will be heavily photographed, wanted to be prepared, need the school holidays to hurry up so i can steal my cousin.

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