Sunday, 2 June 2013

This week... Two

2. A moment: You might have a special moment with someone you love, a little time to yourself. Just capture any moment from today and share it.

My moment is from a little while ago, but it is a moment i have often.
It's sitting on my bed, watching the rain on the windows, listening to a slow, maybe a sad song with a tea, and just being. it can be difficult when you need people about to feel like you get a moment to yourself, so i treasure this time.


It is just as pretty with the sun, but the song maybe more cheerful.

Been lucky this past couple of weeks around these parts to have lots of lovely weather 

So i have spent most days listening to Rudimentals waiting all night on repeat poundering (that a word) in the garden.

I went to see fast and furious 6 with the fam, it's soooooooooooo good, the 2nd ending (during the credits) left me slightly devastated , not because it's bad, but because of what happens. Come back soon boys!!

My lovelys came around for pulled pork, we watched confessions of a male stripper which offered up some interesting conversation, starting with do we want strippers at our hen partys, but mostly could we go out with a stripper, or would we be to jealous.

Not been sleeping very well this week, im just not tired... far to much goodness being ingested with my healthy eating shhphiel (i think that's a sound not a word)

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