Saturday, 1 June 2013

Photo a day June

I can do this... i love photo a day challenges but i'm rubbish at sticking with it.

I'll most likely do this in groups, especially if i have other posts.

Leave a comment if your playing along.

1. B is for…: Share a photo of something starting with the letter B.
2. A moment: You might have a special moment with someone you love, a little time to yourself. Just capture any moment from today and share it.
3. On my table: It’s likely that we’ll all come across a table at some point today. How can you capture what’s on the table? Get creative.
4. After dark: When the sun goes down, take a photo.
5. Environment: Today is World Environment Day, take a photo of your environment. This is our charity prompt for the month.
6. Transport: Be it a car, bike, skateboard, plane or another mode… capture transport.
7. Bright: Is it light? Is it smart? Capture bright.
8. An animal: From the teeniest of insects to an animal at the zoo, find an animal and shoot it. I mean take a photo, of course!
9. From down low: Get down low today and take a photo looking up.
10. You!: Show us you. Be discreet if you like. Or take a selfie. Or a photo of an old photo. Anything. Just show us you.
11. Something funny: What makes you laugh? A comic strip in the newspaper? A movie? A person?
12. 11 o’clock: At either 11am or 11pm take a photo of whatever it is you’re doing.
13. Kitchen: We all have a kitchen, so how will you take a photo to capture it. Black and white? Find a cooler kitchen to snap?
14. Texture: The sand at a beach? The knit in your scarf? A close-up of the hair on your dog? Capture texture.
15. From above: Stand on a chair, climb some stairs – just find a way to get high and take a photo looking down.
16. Family: It’s Father’s Day in some parts of the world, so share a photo of your family.
17. Centred: Put your subject matter in the middle of the photo. Make it front and centre!
18. Street: Take a photo of a street-scape.
19. Currently reading: Are you in the middle of a great book? Reading a sign on the street? Or a great blog? Share.
20. Cute: What’s your idea of cute? A person, a cat, or something else?
21. Lunchtime: What does lunchtime look like for you today? Are you eating alone? With others? Out? At home? At your desk? We wanna see!
22. Enjoying life: Today you have permission to go out and enjoy yourself. Do it!
23. Last: Interpret this as you please. How can you show ‘last’ in a photo?
24. Negative space: Negative space is where you leave a lot of blank space in a photograph to show off the subject in your picture. This site shows some great examples.
25. Sharp: This could be the blade of a knife, or a corner of a building, someone in a suit – or however else you want to interpret sharp.
26. Empty: This one pretty much explains itself, so how will you show empty.
27. Into the sun: Use the most beautiful light source in the world. You can shoot straight into it, or use something as a filter {a tree, a silhouette of a person…}
28. Red: Today is red nose day in Australia. Show us some red!
29. In my bag: Let’s take a sneak peek into what you’re carrying around. No bag? Show us what’s in your wallet or pocket instead.
30. Handwriting: Take a photo of handwriting. Maybe you’ll have to step away from the computer and pick up a pen!

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  1. I posted my B photo this morning! These are so much fun.



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