Thursday, 30 May 2013

You've been blogged

A couple weeks ago i figured i had some left over pennies, and after months of wanting, i finally got me some cards. When ever people find out that i blog, they ask for the info. I normally tell them to google it (such a bad networker) But now i can just give them a card, yay!! There so pretty tooo... even if i do say so myself.

I then so the mini cards that MOO offer and i had a brain wave.

One of my favourite things to blog is restaurant/cafe/pub "reviews" and i always try to send on my post to the place, i know i'd like to know if someone was writing about me.

So along came the you've been blogged card.

It tells the business they've been blogged, obviously, it has my blog address and twitter handle on the back, and it's the right size to just leave with the bill.

It's also cheaper to order 100 mini cards than 100 business cards.



  1. The 'you've been blogged' cards are such a good idea and they're cute too!! If i start writing reviews i'll invest in some.

    J :)

    1. Thanks :) i can't wait to use them xx


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