Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Sun is shining

So..... i was a tad naughty and left bed rest, but oh my jemmemus, look how lovely it's been today, how could i possibly sit in bed for a second day and  drive myself crazy with essay work whilst through my windows that glorious sunshine was streaming in!!

However, i did do lots of reading for my essay, one things for sure it will consist of lots of references

I also found a way of delaying a funny turn... recently i have been able to sit for  2 hours top before i just feel awful, but as soon as i felt a twinge, my brother lifted a leg and moved it up and down, then with the other. 5 minutes later the twinges had gone...

I got another couple hours, i don't know were the idea came from, i just thought maybe if i get my blood circulating it might make me feel better.

Im not saying im cured just yet but we'll see...

Now, back to work.... stop distracting me :)


  1. Yay! I'm glad the sun is out somewhere. It's warm here but it's rainy and gloomy. All this crazy weather has given me a wicked cold. Aww, your pup & kitty are so cute! I hope you enjoy basking in the sunlight.


  2. those skies! such a beautiful day!


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