Friday, 31 May 2013

The Olde Spot bistro

I got up early the other day to take care of some business.

On the way back home i decided i was a bit peckish, The Olde Spot bistro  has been open for awhile now, and i've been wanting to go for ages, but being busy i haven't had the chance.

I tell you what, it was worth the wait.

I am currently trying to eat better, to feel better for my holiday, so as much as i really wanted the 'Reight good burger' i opted for Nicks slab, which is for 2, but i did share with mum. She got a Lancashire Rarebit, not something i'd normally like but it was really creamy, and lovely cheese.

My slab was full of deliciousness, in particular a smoked chicken, that was just yum!

It is so lovely inside, it has the perfect country bistro feel.

Next door is a farm shop and butchers, Roaming roosters

I'm not a massive meat lover, but i'll admit, seeing all the chops, steaks and joints made me want to have a massive bbq. I haven't brought anything from there, but i have on good authority from my very good friend, that it is really good quality meat, not bad prices either.

Only complaint is the doors are really heavy, so if i was on my own and no one nice was about, getting in would be difficult, but the bistro and shops easily accessible. The new cafe however isn't.

This is a must visit for any foodie.

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