Thursday, 23 May 2013

Summer time Fun times


Sooo i'm back =D i have finally finished all my uni work, thank the Lord Jesus!! The combination of snow, illness and vertigo ment i missed a few lectures, and although i did some of my reading, admittedly it wasn't enough. So for each of my essays i had to do a lot of reading beforehand.

But annnnyyyyyywaaaayyyyssss that is done, i've now four months of summer!!

Granted the weather may not be summer worthy, i'm determined it will be A-MAZE-ING!... Cue the *drumroll please*

My in order to have the best summer ever list is...

*Go to France with my favourites 
*Have a picnic 
*Celebrate conors 21st
*Fence Fridays 
*Go to Blackpool 
*Alphabatize my DVDs 
*Go to the zoo or a farm
*Wear flowers in my hair
*Buy some Goldfish 
*Pick/bye flowers every week  
*Eat out at lots of lovely places 
*Spend a day in a beer Garden 
*Make icecream 
*Have a deck party 
*Meet someone new
*Watch a summer blockbuster 
*Make a outdoor cinema 

There will definitely be more to come! Any suggestions?? help me make it memorable 


  1. summaaaaaaaaaaaaa time! and the living's easy!!

  2. Love your summer list! Enjoy it!


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