Monday, 27 May 2013

PA problems

I need your help...
as i mentioned before my regular PA has had to leave for a while unexpectedly, i do have someone else at the moment though.

So she is really lovely and does everything really well, but, she literally asks 500 questions a day.

I've tried to explain to my mum the annoyance of this, she thinks im being rude.

But every single time she comes in my room it's "what you watching" "what is it about" "why you watching that" "you watch strange things" "so random"

1 programs like virgin diaries and documentaries about what people do after porn are not strange, it's hilarious captivating viewing.

2 it's none of your business why or what i'm watching..

i get your initiating conversation, but i just want my cup of tea, not a full on conversation about what i choose to watch, that just leaves me feeling judged...

Now don't get me wrong, i know i sound like a grumpy, antisocial being, and once a day i'd be happy to explain that the man on my strange addiction is love with his car, and banter that your strange for not finding this interesting/entertaining, but every hour or two for 5 days now.

I can't be the only one that finds this annoying, can i?!?

If i am, tell me and i'll smack myself straight

If not please please tell me how can i address this without sounding like i don't ever want to have a conversation again, i just want my brew, and not feel like i have to justify my decisions.


  1. it must be so hard having someone in your space all the time. maybe she feels like she has to make conversation, (either that or she is just really annoying and nosy haha) and dosent realise that silence is actually ok now and then. I would explain that I like my own space and my own company so she dosent feel like she has to try so hard!

    1. thanks for the advice it's sorted :)


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