Sunday, 21 April 2013

This week

This week

I have been pretty ill and stuck in bed :(
I saw a doc, then a district nurse who literally put a plaster on, no advice no nothing, so I asked for some advice from a nurse from my old hospital so now I have loads of helpful advice.
The sun came out Saturday and after over a week on bed rest and cause i'm due to give a presentation on Monday, I thought it best to see how I was in my chair, I lasted 2hrs before I turned into a mess, I pushed on for another hour, tried a biscuit, tried hot soup, nothing worked, so back to bed it was, after about 30 min I was ok.
Belle had her first trip outside! whoop... congratulations baby G it only took almost a year :) and the furthest she got was the plant pot, but im still a proud moma.
I used my time in bed wisely and did uni work, kept company by my baby belle

Not the best of weeks, but slightly productive


  1. Hope things are better soon x

  2. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon lovely! At least you have some pretty sunshine though, it's done nothing but rain here!

    louisejoyb x


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