Sunday, 28 April 2013

This week, and a lovely movie weekend with my brother

I'm pretty surprised I have anything to write about at all... but cause I've been a bit naughty.

I'm supposed to really be on bed rest, and I can tell i'm supposed to be, because as soon as I sit up longer than a hour and half I just felt crap.

Whilst in bed I was good and did uni work.

I then completed my work by giving 2 presentations, i'm lucky cause I don't get nervous with public speaking, I was just nervous about getting the right marks, fingers crossed!!

my village

 Since I have no more uni classes... it's gone soooo quick! I will be being very good and doing bed rest properly and doing my assignments, so my lovely brother treated me to a very lovely weekend.

Friday we went for a lovely lunch! we then went off to Tesco were we bought so much junk food, i'm slightly embarrassed at how much crap we ate! After conor begged me to watch national treasure 2 I made him watch Pitch Perfect after some resistance, I think it's safe to say he loved it... I know I did! Fat Amy is genius, I have enough one - liners and quotes to last me a life time! It's such a fun, funny film, my only criticism, the sick, not necessary. We then tried to watch the first evil dead, I can't say I get the appeal. When the tree tried to part her legs, we looked at each other and agreed it wasn't the film for us.

Later that night we watched Grave Encounters, we had never heard of these films so we were very sceptical. I love horror films and i'm not easily scared, but this, this was TERRIFYING !! My heart was going ten to the dozen, and I admit my lamp stayed on for a while!

Saturday we went to see Iron man 3... in my opinion its film perfection! It's long but doesn't feel at all like it drags, it's really funny, the action is good, you can actually see what happens, the story is good with a nice little surprise, anyone would enjoy it! I loves it!!

Chinese and BGT & The Voice spelled for a perfect weekend!



  1. Sounds and looks wonderful! Happy Sunday xxx

  2. I love horror films too, unfortunately I get terrified every time, I love ur village pic looks so beautiful, looks u had fun xx

  3. Iron Man 3 was brilliant! Those onion rings look so good... x

  4. i don't eat meat, but that food looks delicious!!


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