Friday, 5 April 2013


An old family tradition that I haven't been able to take part in since my accident is a easter trip to the lakes. We'd stay for a weekend, week, go for walks, play by the lake, find country pubs, it's a place that holds a million fond memories for me.

One of my favourites being from this year, when we convinced my cousin that there was a crocodile in the lake, but he was best friends with the ducks so he didn't eat them, but he loved naughty boys. So every time he played up we'd pick him up and pretend to feed him to the croc. It gave us hours of enjoyment.

I have been to the lakes since my accident, but not to our old haunts...

Since my aunt, uncle and cousin were there for the week, and i'm off uni, me and moma headed over for a long lunch and stroll. Cartmel is pretty accessible, the roads are really easy and smooth and a lot of the pubs, restaurants are easy-ish to get in.

 It was freezing outside and I mean freezing! So we escaped the weather to the nearest pub so we could eat and keep warm.
Pizza, tea, fire and a game of ipad scrabble.



  1. You really weren't far from me here! Do you live in Cumbria?

    1. Really? No I'm about a hour and half drive from cartmel :) x


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