Sunday, 24 March 2013

This Week

This week I...
Started my week super healthy
Then ate out twice.... Wednesday was lunch with granddad, I went for hotdog and chips followed by deep fried battered pineapple (don't judge it was incredible) Thursday was "the best burger in Britain" was alright but for £13 I'd rather have one of everything at Mcd's
Friday the snow fell, jumpers hats and scarfs is this springs attire
Saturday I was supposed to be going to a surprise 21st but my mum had abandoned my car in the next village on Friday, by Saturday it was buried
Tonight I and 7 girls were supposed to be going to a sing a long Grease showing, but no, cancelled 
My fun weekend turned in to blankets cat cuddles dvds and junk food 

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  1. Deep fried battered pineapple?! I want to try that! x


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