Sunday, 17 March 2013

This week

This week i'm pretty lucky that I've had a back log of posts, still do, I know many of you have already been or seen a thousand pictures from the potter tour, but i'm still going to share 'cause it's pretty amazing.

Has been a sloooow week

Started with me getting half way to uni and having to turn back, got stuck in a new snow storm every 5 minutes, it felt slightly like a day after tomorrow, this bit...

I managed to finally get to the doctor, more antibiotics for a ear infection, fun!!

This led me to almost pass out every 5 seconds in class, again fun!

So the weekend was spent pretty much with my feet up, watching comic relief, movies and working on a presentation for uni.

So like I said it's been a slow week .


  1. Oh man, I hope you feel better soon. Ear infections are no fun. I got them A LOT as a kid but ever since I went through the tubes surgery *knocks on wood* I've been pretty good.

    The Day After Tomorrow was actually on tele the day after my trip to NYC to see my girlfriend and I was that's scary. LOL

    1. it's not going away :(

      haha it's a freaky film, we watched it on a plane


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