Wednesday, 6 March 2013

On our way

unlike normal road trips this one started with a detour to uni, i had to give a presentation which went towards my final grade. So 6am get up it was, which i can safely say was painful! Especially since i couldn't wake up slowly cause i had to jump straight in the shower, i can't stress enough, it was painful!!

Once uni was done at 11.30, i was STARVING! So the only logical thing to do was devour a Big Mac, and devour i did.

A looooooooong 5 hours later we got to Auntie Clares and was greated by a very smiley yummers, peaking through the curtain, it was pretty adorable!

The evening consisted of TV, Ted, Wine, Chinese food and lots of giggles!

Although it was chilled 16hours in my chair i NEEDED my bed.


  1. Sounds like an awesome time :)

  2. A road trip is always nice, but sorry to hear about the early start first.

    1. i did sleep for about 2 hours :) x


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