Monday, 11 March 2013

My last birthday post, this year... i promise

Yet another birthday post :)
Don't worry, this is the last, apart from Potter :) cause if you didn't know this year for my proper birthday treat i went to the Harry Potter tour, don't think i've mentioned it before :)
I know there's been a few birthday posts but if you remember from my first, my birthdays last forever :) and two, if id done the whole post together it would of been far to long...
So let's recap... So far i've travelled down south, had drinks and snacks and had fun in a shop, all with my amazing friends and family...
But you see shopping is hungry and thirsty work so we headed to The Ram, if your near Kingston this place is a must, it's a proper lovely cozy pub, the foods delicious, just look...

We ate, drank and laughed so much that we were starting to get evil looks from some of the folks that were sat behind us, and the folks next to us seemed to be laughing along, i noticed because the guy was very lovely (i'm only human)

Me and the girls were going to stay out but it was freeeeeeeezing, so we headed back for more drinks.

Unbeknown to me whilst we were shopping everyone had slyly bought me the most amazing cake.

I must say it's yummy... yeah i'm still munching it :)

The rest of my birthday was spent how it started, with food, alcohol and laughs, but with the edition of face paints.

Ain't this how all 22 year olds act :)


Thankyou :)
I tend to always comment back here, so pop back for a replay =D
Love & Kisses