Thursday, 7 March 2013

Morning Birthday Girl :)

Saturday 2nd of March i turned 22  wahoooooo!

I was awoken by everyone singing happy birthday to me and of course a cup of tea! Was strange but really lovely having so many folk around when i woke up on my birthday.

Breakfast consisted of left over chinese or chocolate toast, great choices if you ask me.

Once dressed we headed out for a drink/snacks, shopping and food...

When i say shopping it was more playing around in a department store, who thought 6 people and 4 floors could be so much fun!

We did start getting a few funny looks from the staff, but Ascots soon :D (i am slightly tempted to go buy back the leopard print hat)
Once we escaped the hat section we headed for the american food section.. it had been taken over by easter eggs, but i did manage to find milk duds and coconut m&ms, no white flipz though :( (if you find them, please send ) i don't like the chocolate ones.
2 more bargains a £40 scarf for £12 and another down to £20 from £80
Got a birthday coming up? spend a few hours in a department store, it's a right laugh :)


  1. very nice blog of yours!!!
    new follower!

    1. thanks hun :) welcome to the family x


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