Monday, 4 February 2013


My first week back at university after a very long but thoroughly enjoyed 2 month break was, well not as bad as i thought in one sense, but a week of high anxiety in another.
This terms going to be fun, teachers pet  because it's parts of cinema that i love.
Film theory with feminism, gender and race
and french new wave, which is simply my favourite period of film history,
Weirdo i know...
For some reason my tutors are trying to put me in an early grave.
All my lectures are like 3000000ft in the air.
Slight exaggeration i know, but when a curb, even a picture sets off your vertigo it might as well be.
My first lecture once im in the room im okay, it's getting through the glass lift, bridges and glass floors that's the challenge.
Second lectures on the 3rd floor and the whole wall is glass.
I spent the lecture trying not to cry, breathing and just thinking, im going to roll out this window, i say think, i could feel it.
My brother was just laughing at me, which did help a little
Not to sure how im going survive.


  1. Could you ask your course leader for help, maybe another room could be found or a video link as vertigo is a medical problem and consideration should be made by the uni for all medical issues especially as you already have a disability to contend with. Tell him/her about your inability to even concentrate on the lecture let alone take an active part and the university has a duty of care where medical issues are concerned. If you don't tell them, they can't do anything to help!!

    1. I didn't really know if id be taken seriously, obviously i know how vertigo effects me, but i thought it was seen as like having a phobia of spiders.

      Thanks for the advice i'll talk to my tutor

  2. your classes sound super interesting! i miss school. i never thought i'd say that.


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