Sunday, 24 February 2013

This week

This week i...

Booked my Harry Potter Tour tickets
Booked my ferry crossing France 2013 whoop whoop
My Nan and Granddad came for tea
My Auntie Uncle & Yummers came up from London town to suprise my mum, and after weeks of planning my uncles mum phoned and ruined the suprise literally 2 minutes before they walked through the door
My friends came for tea
Had my eyebrows waxed, ouch!
Watched The Amazing Spiderman and Battleship
Became addicted to Sims Free play

Alllllll by only spending a hour or two if that in my chair, thanks to this stomach pain

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  1. Ohh lucky you going on the Harry Potter tour! I also love your tigger mug ^_^ x


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