Saturday, 16 February 2013

Round and Round

Don't know what's wrong with me recently, well i do, but i don't know why karma has decided to hit me with everything all at once, and all this bad happenings has just stressed me out so much more than it should as it's made me miss tons of uni, which makes me paranoid since the second i got ill in college they kicked me out.

So between being snowed in, to being in immense pain (i thought my appendix was going to burst) and having a million panic attacks as all my lectures are above the first floor, then the added stress from being stressed that all the above is making me miss uni, it's safe to say i've been a stressed out cherub (mums words)

This means i've spent many hours in bed either with a hot water bottle or chocolate.

My little Belle hasn't left my side though, which is calming, it's like having a anxiety pet helper, 8 months old and she refuses to go outside, she spends all day in this spot.

It's like having a teddy bear :)

When shes not under my arm, shes between my legs, on my feet... and she's scared of everyone else except me... we're like two little anxious peas in a pod. I must admit i quite like having a pet that loves me the most.


  1. Belle totally looks like Sabrina's Salem... She sounds so sweet! Nothing better than pet cuddles under the duvet...with added chocolate. Hope things get better and you feel a little more relaxed soon xxx

    1. we had this conversation the other day :D we were trying to
      make her talk xx

  2. I'm sorry to hear you've been stressed out recently *big hugs*. I hope you're feeling a bit better now.

    Belle is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

    Kimberley x


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