Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Camera

Im in a pretty dangerous position at the moment.
I have my christmas pennies & my student loan,
Which means im far to tempted to spend it all.
Who needs heating when i can have a new bag!!
However i have in fact been pretty sensible and saved, yes saved for a new camera.
I use a Canon 500D at the moment
you can see some of my pics here
It's a brilliant camera, very easy to use, but after a couple years i feel i am camera savvy enough for an upgrade.
I have spent about a hour on viking direct scrolling through camera after camera.
I can't decide whether to upgrade to this
I love that it's good for shooting at night.
It's this one or go completely out of my comfort zone and go Nikon.
Any thoughts ??


  1. That is my mum's camera, she loves it. And so do I, it's so easy to use. I'd get it. I'm speaking about the Cannon one btw


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