Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My TV Guide

Since i spent most of January either spending time with folk i love or driving myself crazy writing essays it feels like i have watched nothing on the telly box. So i spent tuesday watching everything on my sky planner and since i haven't been able to share with folk on twitter like normally, i had to share here. WARNING: May contain spoilers

Celebrity Big Brother: wow, is the only word that can describe this series of CBB. All i can say is if Spiedi win i 1. will never watch CBB ever again and 2. I will loose all faith in the british public. I can't say i didn't expect it, i was a hills fan and spent most of those hours saying how much i hated Spencer, strong word i know, but have you witnessed his behaviour. One word knob! Let me just add Rylan i love you, please be my friend!

My Mad Fat Diary: Can't say i expected much from the ads, but it's pretty great. I was 16 and probably not to far off 16 stone and believe it or not i had a few hot boys on the go :) and amazing friends! So i have watched it and reminisced about the joys of being 16, and im sure you will to.... 4od it!! or Mondays on e4 at 10pm

Catfish: Possibly the greatest tv show ever. MTV Mondays 9pm. If you haven't seen the film watch it! It's a documentary about a guy nev (who is gorgeous btw) that falls for a girl online but SPOILER she ends up being a married 40 year old woman catfish the tv show takes a person that's been chatting to someone online and has fallen for them, a person they have never met, after months of excuses nev brings them together, and it comes clear why they have avoided meeting. If your like me and finds things that are cringey painful, grab a pillow.

Psych: It's back... Hilarious, that's all you need to know.

American Idol: Far to many egos

Any recommendations ??


  1. Catfish is actually amazing. Such a twist at the end, I was absolutely gobsmacked! :)


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