Tuesday, 22 January 2013

moan moan moan

Felt a bit blahh last week!
It felt a bit like all the bads came at once, and it's not even bad really.
My beds been broke for awhile now, and it started to get really annoying and frustrating! I couldnt and still can't just get on and do my own thing i have to wait for my mum as everything has turned into a two person job. Can't put into words how frustrating that is.
It's also starting to get really uncomfortable, everything hurts!
My neck, back and legs just ache.

Then my muscle spasms just got so bad.
My whole body just felt tight constantly!
Every spasm felt like someone was kicking me in the back.

I was incredibly anxious about my last essay.
I literally had no clue what to write.
My anxiety about failing was making concentrating impossible.
I was so stuck!!

Then i got myself worked up cause i was scared that a fail would mean i would be kicked out of uni.

I've done it now, just...

but i changed the question so i only had 2 days to write 2000 words with no textbooks, so i am still a bit anxious that i've failed but at least i've admitted something.

Im feeling loads better that i have that in, but still no bed or spasm relief.

Hey ho let's play in the snow

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