Friday, 4 January 2013

Days between

When Thursday rolled around i spent the whole day in bed!
I had had two 13+ hour days in my chair, my neck hurt, my shoulders hurt and my feet were about 2 sizes bigger. So i thought it wise to have a day off and catch up on christmas telly.
It was definitely needed, Yummers turned up on Friday, and from there until the 2nd he had me up every day.
Went to B&M and bought food and things to do. Btw it's the best shop ever! Full of random crap for like no money. We spent one day doing arts and crafts... You have to admit i got skills, i did all the tiles holding the pen in my mouth.... i won't be defeated :)
We spent another day making and baking... howd you like his gingerbread tardis?
We had a dvd day, played angry birds and Jans new favourite game until the wee hours.
We even managed a trip to the trafford centre.
That boy doesn't give you chance to be "disabled"


  1. Tiles looked fab and better than I would be able to do! xx

  2. Awesome! looks like you had great fun :)


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