Thursday, 31 January 2013

Assignment 2 3 & 4

Results are in
I got the marks for 3 more of my assessments
My first here  i have recently found out is equal to a first, whoop!
A second presentation i did all about stardom got 67% which is a 2:1
In the classical era of Hollywood restrictive contracts were the norm, enabling studios to have a tight control of the actors or stars that worked for them.  This led to the stars being used as a marketing tool.
A careful star persona would be created for each actor/actress depleting that what we saw on screen was in fact the same or similar to the person real life self. Creating a connotation between actor and genre as well as making the star appealing to audiences. For example Marlyin Monroe was depicted as a confident sexy happy go lucky person both in films and in real life but as her tragic death shows she had her demons.
My 3rd presentation was about Salvador Dali and i got 68% which is another 2:1
& finally for my first essay 70%
‘Kino-Fist vs. Kino-Eye’ – describe the main protagonists and their respective theories regarding film, using examples from both genres to back up your points.
Kino-eye and Kino-fist are the names of two opposing theories created by two Russian film makers in the early 1900s. Kino -fist was a term bought around by Sergei Eisenstein as a response to the Kino-eye group that was created by another Russian film maker Dziga Vertov. In essence the Kino-eye group believed that the cameras purpose was to be like an eye and record authentically in order to show the world in its most accurate form. Eisenstein believed that in order to create a more effective impact film makers should actively use editing and composition. Saying “I do not believe in Kino eye. I believe in Kino fist.” However both movements were immensely important to the film industry and still to this day are their methods used.
Im aware most of it sounds like gobbled de goop
But i'm super proud of myself
Fingers crossed for my other essays

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