Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mince pies

Girls nights normally consist of wine, takeaways, gossip & bad tv/film ...

This week girls night was takeaways, gossip, very bad tv & baking!!

& of course it's christmas time so we made mince pies, and because joely doesn't like mince pies we also made jam tarts.

They are literally the easiest things in the world to make & are soooo yummy!

Ready made shortcrust sweet pastry, and a jar of mincemeat & a jar of jam. You can be truly amazing and make everything from scratch, but we were perfectly happy in being a bit of a cheat.

Some are a tad squashed as they kinda got a bit stuck to the tin.
whilst these were baking we decorated our gingerbread houses, but you can wait till tomorrow for them :D


  1. mmm they look so good! Can't wait to make mine :) x

  2. They look delicious! We've been making some at home too, they taste so yummy and always seem to be eaten so fast! xx

  3. Looks so much fun.
    I had my first mince pie ever today, unfortunately I'm not a fan. Can't wait to get home to Belfast and do my traditional Christmas baking on Christmas eve. I have reindeer cupcakes and ginger bread men planned!

    1. I only had my first about 6 years ago, been hooked ever since! We have a few more bits to do... Excited xx

  4. Orgh my god you're making me hungry with your awesome cooking skills lol.

  5. wine, goodies, and bad movies?? my favoriteeee.


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