Thursday, 8 November 2012

Not again

Once again my car won't start.

All dressed & pretty-fied we got in the car to head to uni,


left it a minute


10 whole minutes we tried to get the car started, but it wasn't playing fair.

Of course a hour and half later when the RAC man turned up it started first time.

This is becoming far more than just annoying!! It seems to happen every couple of weeks, and no one seems to know why.

So instead of discussing the importance of genre in film, i sat in front of the fire with a kitten and a dog whilst holding back the tears watching Greys anatomy.

If you are a fellow greys fan you will be with me when i say i think it was possibly the saddest first episode EVER! If you haven't seen it yet, braise your self.



  1. i wish i had a fireplace! so jealous!

  2. I've never watched any Grey's Anatomy but lots of people have suggested it to me as a good show to get into.


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