Sunday, 25 November 2012

My week in review

I scheduled a few posts this week thinking it would be a slow week, but i have had to delete them ALL! Because they were just a bit blaahh... posts for the sake of posts. But its been quite a fun full week.

A lovely day off with one of my besties..
A very successful presentation was given by mwah... i hope so anyway, it felt successful.
And a pretty amazballs friday.

That's  the good

The bad is i think i have IBS

Id been feeing bloated for months, and my tummy just felt tight constantly. So a quick visit to the doc she gave me ibs pills, and i do feel so much better! But it is still a bit of a maybe diagnosis just because i have so few of the proper symptoms. I have to go back to the doc once these pills run out to talk everything through.

The other bad news... Thursday i had my first panic attack in ages! which was annoying because its been ages since i had one. But it was all set up to happen. They were talking about crashing on the radio, it was peeing it down, the wind was crazy, it felt like the car was going to be blown off the road. By the time we got to uni i thought i wouldn't be able to go to class, i was that panicky. But my brother helped calm me down, so i ended up being oki.

A mixed week when on paper, but to me it's been pretty lovely.



  1. ooh glad ur bro was there for u and helped u get over ur panic attack. also glad u had a great week xxx


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