Sunday, 18 November 2012

London 2007

In march 2007 i managed to blag my way on to the art trip to london.
It was reserved for those studying GCSE art & drama, but as my tutor was the art teacher & because i was her fav, i was aloud to tag along.
It turned out to be pretty amazing
We stayed in a nice hostel, but it was the smallest room for 6 people.
2 nights in a hostel, two great stories (maybe anyway, might've been had to be there moments)
1. We were told not to go room hopping, sensible, we were a group of 16 year olds. So obviously come 11pm we headed to the boys room.
10min of truth or dare and Mr. wormsly knocked at the door.
6 girls & 1 boy headed into a bathroom big enough for 2.
Instead of being quiet like everyone else, Joely decided she was hungry and started eating crisps.
The handle turned...
"im just having a shower sir" the boy said,
The teacher left & hours of fun was had.
2. A girl had meet a boy, either online or a previous visit.
Boy & friends come to hostel,
Girl invites boy to room,
teachers find out & the shit hit the fan!!
It was the talk of the school!
Are trip started with a wonder around some museums and a trip on the thames.

That evening we went to see, Blood Brothers, which us still one of my favourite plays.
The next day we went shopping in covent gadden, it felt strange being in london and being told what to do, the city was my second home.
later that day we went sightseeing

After 15years of going down south, this was the first tkme i'd been a proper little tourist.
After a trip to the Tate museum, we went to Madame Tussauds.

 That is obviously me and the real johnny depp though!!
I wish
It was a very very very fun trip, and it was nice being in london with my bestests.


  1. You took some great photos!!! I was lucky enough to go to London at Christmas time and it was amazeballs! I did a post about it at:


    1. :D thanks hun!! you should come back xx

  2. omg I bet it was sooo much fun I would looove to take pics with some of those stars hehe

  3. Sweet memories)The episode of 7 people in the bathroom 'just taking a shower' was a gem. Sometimes I wonder if teachers really believe us or just pretend that they do.

    1. they must pretend, they were young once :) x


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