Monday, 5 November 2012

I have expensive taste

So how was every ones super cold weekend??

I do constantly complain about being cold, but i do love wrapping up warm & the dark evenings... You dont feel guilty putting your pjs on at 5pm and watching a film.

& staying out until 9pm on a school night, makes you feel a tad naughty :)

It can be dangerous though...

They early nights snuggled in bed & the excuse that Christmas is around the corner has led me to Internet browse ALOT!!

Not all for me, but mostly :)

I have spent hours scrolling through cameras, and by pure luck and coincidence i was asked to look at a few different ones.

Im kinda in love with THIS one... Good price & looks really easy to use. Think i may purchase with my student loan.

There was also THIS one, which is an, when i win the lottery option!!

My other wants THIS its so pretty, what can i say,

I have expensive taste :)



Thankyou :)
I tend to always comment back here, so pop back for a replay =D
Love & Kisses