Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bonfires & Burgers

I love bonfire night!
Friends, Fireworks, Burgers & Booze.
Unless your handling fireworks of course.
I love being cold for hours, then coming inside and warming up by the fire, ahh lovely!
Hope you all had a fun Guy Fawkes eve


  1. Looks like a fun night and you definitely look warm all wrapped up. Unfortunately I missed the celebrations this year (we don't celebrate it at home so I forgot about it) but I did manage to see a few fireworks from the pub

    1. Was so lovely! I love bonfire night its always fun :) you can come to my party next year =D xx

  2. Wooah Cloe!
    I don't like cold, and I'm in balmy Alabama, USA :)

    Lavenderthistle sent me to your blog. Does that mean we're having 3-way blog?

    Check mine out. I cover an ADD-isque variety of topics, also. Are you? Amazingly, I'm not.


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