Sunday, 14 October 2012

New wheels

Thank God for student loans!!

After months of waiting for my new wheels for my chair i have been left skint.

Back in July, maybe even June, i had my chair serviced & enquired about new tires.

The guy said that it was so much for tires, and so much for wheels. It sounded like it would only be £20 more for a whole wheel.

In the end he said it would be around £200ish including service.

He rocks up 4months later with a bill for £470+

Not only didn't he mention the quote was per wheel, but the service charge wasn't included.

Then to top it he didn't even fit them.

If it wasn't for my student loan, i don't know how i would of paid.


  1. thats awful. You should have told him where to go! were they for a manual wheelchair? don't use him again!

  2. I kinda wanted to... yea, he's the only guy we know, now my brakes broke :(

  3. chloee, aren't there grants that can/should assist for this kind of thing? Surely it should have to come out of your loan? x

    1. I applied for a wheelchair voucher but i wasn't eligable for one until 2015 xx


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