Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My first week

Week one of being a university student done!

Thank God!

...It was rather tiring, at the end of everyday, i had a lil nap in the car on the way home.

It wasn't as terrified as i imagined i would be. Even though i was a hour late for my first lecture.
It wasn't my fault though!

We have been having pretty bad rain here atm, and as we were driving up to join another road, it was getting closed off. This lead to a hour & half detour. I really didn't want to go in, but the girl that was taking my notes was so lovely, and she really put me at ease.

Im so glad that my road fear has eased a bit, but i think that having Stephie as my chauffeur helps! Im very confident in her driving skills, i can't say im looking forward to her break.

So far so good!


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