Sunday, 28 October 2012

First assignments in..


I got 72% YAY!! =D

I am super happy, i feel like i have learnt & achieved.

So heres a lil extract of my A**** (slight exaggeration) presentation..

The lighting in this clip is very important as it sets up a theme of ‘outsiders’ the clip starts dark, with just a blue glow that eliminates the hill and house. This sparks our curiosity. It draws us in; the minimal lighting makes us lean in a little bit closer to see properly what is being eliminated. But the blue tinge leaves us feeling cold. With this we feel that this place is uninviting or abandoned.

Then as the clip moves on, we come into this warming glow. It instantly makes us feel, safe & warm & comfortable & at home.  We instantly recognise the contrast between that house & this home. It’s this that plants the seed of them over there are outsiders and those here in the warm glow are friendly and homely.

=D xx

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