Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn to do!

After seeing Bee's Autumn list i just thought yes please!

So i have stollen 25 of my favourite & im determind to do them all...

Duvet, hot chocolate/tea/coffee/milk, Dexter seasons 1-6
Paint your nails a deep berry tone
Head out for bonfire night: breathe in the bonfire smoke, coo at the fireworks and eat take out food
Take lots of walks in the leaf blanketed woodlands
Prepare yourself for the possible outbreak of snow - check your hat, scarf and mitten collection
Go fruit picking amongst the brambles and apple trees
Experiment with different types of tea
Survey your/the local horse chestnut trees for conkers
Watch a classic film/read a classic book that you've not seen/read before
Learn how to make the ultimate roast dinner - keep perfecting it weekly!
Embrace the produce that Autumn has to offer. Overload on root veggies and fruits.
Start an autumnal playlist. Here's one song to start it off.
Feast! Make comforting food, invite friends over and watch it disappear
Dedicate a couple of autumnal Sundays to country pubs, yorkshire puddings and dog walking
Get re-aquainted with your blanket and fleecey PJ bottoms
Watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and sing along, loudly
Brew something - a mulled wine, warming cider or a coffee with a twist
Get comfy but don't stagnate. Do something that is out of your comfort zone!
Prepare an autumnal care package for your cupboard - it must include flu-fighting remedies, the perfect autumnal lipstick and a letter writing set, for those days where you really don't want to leave the house!
Keep the sweet jar stocked, in case of emergencies/autumn weepies
Purchase a couple of disposable cameras and document the arrival of autumn
Dust off your slow cooker/crock pot and fill it with stew-y goodness
Lie down and do nothing
Blog photographs of your hometown as it adopts a few autumnal changes
You have any autumn must do's?


  1. Such a lovely list! Me and my mum would always go fruit picking when I was little, then come home and make a good old fashioned winter fruit pie!

    louisejoyb x

    1. +D i know!! We used to have a apple tree... i miss homegrown, homemade apple pies x

    2. Love these! I just posted pictures from around my town yesterday. :D


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