Friday, 12 October 2012

3 weeks in...

Brrr... Aint it cold!

All this uni malarkey has stopped me doing fun stuff to write about. Id like to say that now my routines sorted i'll get back to doing more than travelling, being in lectures and being in bed with tea and tv. Although bed tea and tv is pretty perfect in this weather, and i do seem to be enjoying my routine far to much at the moment. Scott mills on the radio, costa/starbucks on tap and a Mc d's brekkie on a Friday, bliss.

3 weeks in at uni now and im loving it so far, its definitely given me a boost in confidence, & a new sense of independence!

I have done 1 presentation so far, which is 50% of one of my modules, i get my marks in 2weeks! FINGERS CROSSED i think i did oki, but thats normally a bad sign, eck!

I'll post it with my mark (if its good) so you get a idea of what im doing.

Just 2 presentations and 3 essays to do before christmas... Help!

Love xx


  1. So glad to hear that everything is going well for you, and that Uni is boosting your confidence! xx

    Sometimes a grade is as good as your confidence is. So I'm sure you did really well, not just OK lol. But I know what you mean about grades being hard to determine sometimes.

    (and a Mc d's brekkie on a Friday, bliss.)

    XD Ahh! :3~ Thank god I didn't read that this morning, I was craving Mcdonalds and I had to work at 9:30 so there was no time to go down the hill and get one.

  2. Really pleased uni is going so well!! Keep at it! x


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