Friday, 21 September 2012

I have an addiction

To shopping...
This week i cleared out my wardrobe
I was so proud of myself, i got rid of so much! Even if my fav cardigan with its holes did creep back in, I still did amazing!!
Than this arrived...
A box, yes, a box. Thats half the size of my sofa may i add!
Oh dear...
The bad thing is, this was my 2nd delivery.
My New look order contained
*4 pairs of jeans
*2 jumpers
*1 blazer
*2 cardigans
*denim shirt
*2 tshirts
& some brogues.
My names Chloe and im a shopaholic.


  1. Great post! It always feels so good to have a clearout. We did the same at the beginning of September...

    Love H&P

    1. =D i just wish i hadn't refilled it so quick hehe xo

  2. Silly, you have to drop the last name or you're not anonymous!


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